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              Innovative products not only quality, but also the pursuit of perfection

              Our Advantage

              Create the Future

              • H A Q
                H A Q
                Customer needs are our goal
                Continuous research and development to create customer satisfaction products and services

                Through the European CE safety certification, to provide the world customers with the highest cost-effective vacuum pump!
                With the world's most advanced Japanese OKUMA-BYJC vertical processing center and testing equipment!
                Ruby with the quality of the first line brand, the price of the second line brand, the future will become the industry's surpasser and leader!
              • D T D S
                D T D S
                Professional engineering solutions, free home customization
                High cost performance, good price, saving you money

                At least 10 years of professional experience in design and planning of hot water project, make the hot water project plan with low cost and maintenance fee based on the actual data.From the purchase of hot water equipment to the project installation cost savings, can reduce the use of energy consumption costs, in the long run for you to save money
              • A S S G
                A S S G
                Quick and thoughtful one-stop energy saving hosting service for you
                Covering the national after-sales service point, service home

                Free home delivery, timely provide installation, commissioning and overall cooperation with the contract equipment;
                Free training system operation, lifelong engineering maintenance, free replacement of products;
                Free return within 7 days, free exchange within 15 days, lifelong maintenance service.


              Satisfying customers is our pursuit


              Enterprise development, hand in hand with you, I move forward together

              Mobile:86-13512345678 Telephone:86-010-12345

              Address:Room 906, 8th Building Garden, XueYuan Road HaiDian District Beijing China
              WeChat scan concerns us:
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